Advice for Sellers at Picks Cottage

Advice for Sellers


  • Don’t be tempted to sell off your best items too cheaply too early as many of the early buyers are dealers and you may get a better price by waiting until later when more general public visitors arrive.
  • There may already be many buyers at the sale as you arrive who may gather around you in large numbers as you unpack your vehicle. Please never allow them to panic or pressure you into getting your items out before you are ready. If you feel uncomfortable at any time please lock up your vehicle and walk away. They will move onto the next car. Once things are quieter you can then remove your items at your leisure, they will come back to find you.
  • Please always keep a watchful eye on your goods that you are selling and always keeps your personal belongings inside your car secure.
  • When selling items, it is best to have an idea of what price you would like for them before the sale. Remember that at a boot sale people are looking for a bargain and will be looking to haggle you down. Add an amount to allow the purchaser to knock you down to somewhere that you would be happy to accept and that you wanted in the first place.
  • If you are selling any valuable items such as jewellery we would recommend as secure method of displaying your goods.
  • If you can do try to visit our sale before you intend to sell so that you can get an idea of how much things are selling for and also to have an idea of what items to sell yourself.


We hope you have a profitable and enjoyable sale!